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Day 6 - Weymouth

Day 6

At nine in the morning we went to school. There we did a news show and a quiz. After school we hiked to Chhesil Beach. It was a very long walk (about 5,5 km one way). At Sandsfoot Castle we had our lunch break. After our one hour walk we arrived at Chesil Beach.WhatsApp Image 2018 10 05 at 11.49.54WhatsApp Image 2018 10 04 at 14.38.30 1

Photos by Jason Leibenath

Erik Deutschmann

For Chesil Beach see the text below.


Half Day at Chesil Beach

If you hear the word „Beach“ you may think about sand and palm trees. But at Chesil Beach there isn´t any sand and der aren´t any trees – there are just many, many little stones, called pebbles (Kieselsteine).

We don´t know how the pebbles came here but it looks very beautiful. If you are lucky you can find some fossils, but we only collected some beautiful stones. We buried Mr. Beier under the pebbles and Mrs. Grassl took some funny pictures.

After our visit we walked back to Weymouth on the Rodwell Trail.

Eden Balog and Tasia Kirchner


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Photos by Levin Levan




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